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Introduction and Creating the Deck

The El Goliath Tarot Deck arrived for me at a time when so many people, like myself, are seeking truth and are beginning to wake up. Examining the world around them and seeing the underbelly of the physical world and the non-physical world, and where the two meet – (what is real and what is not). This is a time where people are not limiting the basis of their reality to only what they can see with their own eyes and touch with their own hands. The Earth itself is calling out for this shift in human consciousness, to begin to expand outwards and change. After many years of giving readings and strengthening my abilities to connect with spirit, I came to a place of knowing that tarot and divination are my biggest passions, alongside painting, drawing and the arts. As a child, I came into this life probably much like you, a little bit different. Well a lot different!

I was the black sheep, a wanderer, a dreamer, a searcher, and a roamer looking for any spark of magic from the mundane. My soul had a curious explorative nature that could see the world going on around me, but really didn’t care too much for the standard normals of life at all. My head was always off somewhere else. I had bigger things in mind! Not to mention the questions for which I relentlessly sought answers. I have travelled, and searched high and low for other mystics and magical beings out there like myself. I always seem to be on a quest for the unusual, but I think we all tend to see and gravitate towards one another quite naturally. Like a part of our self sees and recognizes a part of us in the other and seeks it out like a bloodhound on the scent of a trail. We’re looking for the meaning of it all and peeking into the unseen forces that seem to make things and hold things together.

At around the age of 6, I distinctly remember walking out into my backyard and placing my hands on a beautiful tree trunk and looking up to its leaves and branches and I understood that this tree somehow had a life force within it, a rhythm and a cycle, and was connected to some kind of greater force. I would watch in awe as the colors of the leaves changed and fell every year. As time went on, life began to roll faster and faster. The magic within me was beaten, tarnished, rejected and suppressed by others, but never forgotten within me. I knew my time would come! Some have names they may choose to call me, or even you. But they are just words and to define something is to limit it. And I refuse to be limited by others. I am like a bird that simply won’t be caged. I can identify with many titles, as I am someone’s child, a sibling, a friend, an artist, a creator, a channeler, a healer, but all of that really doesn’t matter. We are the ones living our own life, as we are both in the driver’s seat of the creation and in the manifestation of the Magician within us. I believe that the more I know about the tarot the less I know about tarot. I never stop learning new things and looking at the tarot no matter what type of deck style or system it is in. Tarot to me is like a deep lake, I can dive into it and I never seem to reach the bottom.

When I do feel I’ve reached a point of finality, the bottom seems to break through and there is more to explore. Whether you are new to tarot, or a seasoned reader, one thing is certain - tarot can be whatever you want it to be and there is no right or wrong. It is art and an art form that is subjective, not objective. It’s not for someone else to tell you what your interpretation of something should be. This is very person- al. As an artist, I have never had a formal art class in my life. I am what I would prefer to be called ‘self-taught’. Creativity is something that comes from deep within you, not something you can buy or find external to you. Everyone’s path is different, and everyone has the right to find their own way that works best for them in their own beautiful journey.

I was only ever interested in the mystical, the enchanted, the strange and the weird. I was the quiet child that sat alone with a book in the library and no one quite knew how to deal with me, understand me or interact with me. I was a loner. But I was happy. I guess I still am that child today, except I’ve grown into the man that I am. And the idea that there are worlds within worlds, or portals into mirrors and other dimensions was my thing. Things that my family and people around me worried and fussed over, to me seemed completely silly and minuscule. I was trying to connect to unseen energies and mystical forces since before I even knew what I was doing. It was kind of pre-programed in me and I desperately wanted to validate and understand what this whole magic thing and what life was all about! I specifically remember as a child I would feel things, see things, and just have an inner knowing of things. I innately knew of other timelines that had taken place on the Earth long before mine, and identified with different periods in history. I tended to know things and say them before they happened. I was a total empath then, and sometimes just existing with the wild jungles of energy surging around me was, at times, almost unbearable. Over time I learnt to quiet this part of me and control it, but never forget.

As a child, I was fascinated by nature and the Earth; I would look at animals, trees, plants and the ocean in wonder and awe, completely mesmerized. I would see the beauty in life and sometimes the cruelty of it all and know deeply that we are part of it. I loved witchy things and would often spend hours playing with imaginary friends in the forms of Greek gods, Monsters, Gorgons and all different kinds of creatures within the realms of my endless imagination. From the age of four, art and painting were my main ways of expressing my passions and love. I would pull things from nature like flowers, sticks, bones and rocks and build mini-altars before I knew what they even were. When I heard the word ‘artist’ as a kid I immediately knew that if that was a job, then that was all I wanted to be. Anything else would never be me. Over time I moved towards my own spiritual awakenings, and began to develop and strengthen my connection to the other sides, much like building a muscle through repetitive exercise. I knew that it was inevitable that my art and spiritual esoteric knowledge would eventually merge, and manifest into a cohesive representation of my heart that I could share with this world as my gift. My beautiful gift.

My first impressions of the tarot were actually at a local bush market in my small hometown. A woman was giving card readings amongst the local arts, crafts and fresh farmers produce. I distinctly remember being drawn to this old woman, who sat hunched over her draped purple tablecloth. Before her sat a pack of cards that I had seen her place down with her bright pink nail polish. She had some incense sticks burning that streamed out into the air, so you could almost smell her presence before you saw her. I remember she looked up at me from the table, through her worn face and heavy make-up, and I remember moving closer to her and feeling her energy interlock with mine. I was spellbound. She was reading me through this glance and I didn’t mind. In fact, it was one of the first times I remember feeling seen on this level. I received her glance and looked at her sign, which read ‘Fortune-telling and Palm Readings’. She picked up the pack and began shuffling, cutting the deck up, and placing them into three piles. I walked on with my mother and looked back at her in utter awe and wonder! Who was that? What was that?

There and then I knew secretly that one day I would be doing the exact same thing as this woman. But little did I know that I would also later go on to develop and publish my very own deck, a deck that would be sent all over the World. 


Welcome to my Tarot manifesto.





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