The El Goliath Tarot Deck - ALL SOLD OUT

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The response to The El Goliath Tarot Deck has been overwhelmingly positive, and we feel completely humbled and blessed by the reactions to it.  We are receiving more and more orders everyday, we thank everyone for the support. 

We do look forward to hearing what you think, so please tell us about your impressions of the new deck, and how you have reacted to the artwork and guidebook.  We'd love to hear from you!


  • Emma

    I bought the El Goliath Tarot (2nd edition) after seeing them used by Reem – White Feather Tarot – on YT. Since the day I bought them, they have been my daily go-to as part of my morning practice. These cards are beyond any other deck I have, it is uncanny how accurate they are, every single day. They are direct and uncompromising, I know when I draw a card that causes me to squirm in discomfort, it’s the card I need to pay most attention to! Thank you for this deck, they are on a level all of their own.

  • Michael

    Absolutely stunning! I ordered the first edition years ago, and loved it (though I had a few quibbles like the card size, finish and didn’t like the original gold gilding). Still I loved it enough, I bought a second deck to “keep nice.”
    This version addressed every criticism I had about the deck and then some.
    I held off for a while as I already had two versions of the original deck, but I wish I had purchased it sooner.
    I love this version and absolutely adore the El Goliath Tarot.
    Thank you.

  • Cynthia

    I just received The El Goliath Tarot deck this morning. The energies are astounding! This couldn’t be more timely, the deck’s arrival. Thank you for your creative mind, your imagination and the allowance of self to share your dreams.

  • Jen

    Sometimes you can really feel when a work of art was created with true love and passion. I feel that from this deck, and it makes it such an honor to hold in my hands and read. I’ve always loved decks that focus mostly on animals and nature, but it’s hard to find one that isn’t bright and…well, a bit corny. El Goliath provides the proper balance of light and dark that Tarot is so good at expressing. Thank you for this phenomenal work. I can’t wait to share its raw, powerful beauty with my clients. <3

  • Pamela González

    Thank you for this master piece. It is a wonderful tarot deck. My favorite with no doubt. I cannot express enough how much I can connect to it. The book has the best description of the card’s meaning. You created this tarot deck with your heart and soul and it shows!! Thank you! Gracias so much for this incredible art work.

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