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The response to The El Goliath Tarot Deck has been overwhelmingly positive, and we feel completely humbled and blessed by the reactions to it.  We are receiving more and more orders everyday, we thank everyone for the support. 

We do look forward to hearing what you think, so please tell us about your impressions of the new deck, and how you have reacted to the artwork and guidebook.  We'd love to hear from you!


  • Justin Everett

    purchased in 2019 and i must say this deck is the most brutally honest and direct connected ive ever worked with aside of the fact thats it is visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing. im not sure what the difference is with this newer second edition aside of the price but the original having the same beautiful box and the gold trimmed cards that are very durable. i love offering this deck during readings and would suggest anyone looking for a unique set to keep one of these boxes in ur collection!

  • Sally

    I have been watching this deck and your Instagram posts for a very long time. Finally I ordered and have just received theelgoliathtarotdeck all the way in the UK.
    It is the most beautiful deck I have ever seen from the packaging it comes in to the exquisite illustrations. I am totally blown away and in awe of your talent. I look forward to learning about each card. I know this will become a deck that I love and treasure. Thank you 🙏🏻

  • Erica

    I have been collecting tarot decks for some time, and have well over 300 decks in my collection so far. I only buy decks that I feel drawn to, I don’t buy them just to have them, but I usually “feel” how I’ll connect with them. Sometimes they arrive and the energy and connection I assumed falls flat to the ground, thus leaving the newly purchased deck barely touched. The El Goliath deck and guidebook is by far the most powerful deck I have ever had the privilege to handle and has not left my reading table since it arrived. Every single aspect of this deck is astounding, soothing, transformative. The card stock is hefty, like handling a your dad’s tool box, you know it has purpose. The artwork is mesmerizing and enchanting, and allows me to rediscover different “sight” each time. By far my favorite part is the guidebook. I set aside an evening of just me, this book and a cup of tea and devoured it from cover to cover. I was enraptured with Goliath’s heart and soul, while being pushed back and forth between the ethereal realms of shadows and heart transformation. No other guidebook has brought tears to my ears….or sobbing!! OOF…so beautiful!!!! I can’t go on enough about this deck. One thing I know for sure, and no bad feelings towards any other tarot card creator, but had I bought this set first….all the others would have left me grasping. Goliath, thank you for creating this deck for me. It will remain one of my most valued treasures. Love and light-Erica xxoo

  • Denise

    Thank you so much for producing this wonderful deck…I absolutely love it! You never really know whether you will have a connection to a deck after seeing them online but once in my hands it was instant!

  • Pavlina

    This deck is absolutely STUNNING. I’ve been searching for the deck I could respond to FOREVER and was sadly disappointed by what is available out there in the world of tarot. Not only is the artwork superb but this deck goes very, very deep- and I bonded with it immediately. The intuitive reading just flows. Reading the book was like talking with an old friend I didn’t know I had. You put your heart and soul in it El Goliath- and it can be felt by all of us weirdos, outcasts, shamans, and witches…THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

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