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The response to The El Goliath Tarot Deck has been overwhelmingly positive, and we feel completely humbled and blessed by the reactions to it.  We are receiving more and more orders everyday, we thank everyone for the support. 

We do look forward to hearing what you think, so please tell us about your impressions of the new deck, and how you have reacted to the artwork and guidebook.  We'd love to hear from you!


  • Jill Beninato

    I wanted to say thank you for creating such a beautifully powerful deck. The packaging, artwork and guidebook are all so well done…your attention to detail is appreciated. I really connected to the artwork right off the bat but after working with the deck for a couple of weeks I have come to find a deep connection with it on a personal level. I encourage anyone who feels drawn to the El Goliath to buy it, it has become my favorite deck.

  • Samantha

    I just wanted to write and say how deeply I felt the intro you wrote in the guidebook, the stories you told, the beginning of your path in this life – I felt myself reflected in those things and the container of what you created has stayed with me for several days now. There’s this profoundly magickal sense, this feeling of other, of other dimensions and worlds just beyond my fingertips. I have often felt these things, but the words you gave them created something that finally held what I have known before. You have helped me remember and I am deeply grateful. Thank you for this amazing gift, this creation that is not like anything else I have found. I am honored to hold your deck, a piece of your soul and let it speak to me, guide me on these winding paths. This is a tremendous and exquisite deck.

  • Jackie

    I am IN LOVE with this deck! It arrived today, beautifully wrapped & packaged & what WONDERFUL presentation, sturdy box with the lovely illustration & magical quote on the inside flap…A beautiful postcard and “thank you” card, then the book and deck itself! Just WOW!!! Gold edged and lovely large cards…with additional cards in the deck which add to the whole experience! The artwork is exquisite, so full of the raw power of Nature, totally mesmerising!! I will use these cards as meditation tools as well as for divination! Thank you for sharing your talent with the World!

  • Robin Berger

    Oh, Mama! This deck is so heavy! I’m very new to tarot (only one year of daily practice), but this deck! I’ve done entire readings without double-checking the guidebook … it’s intuitive like that. Amazing art, lovely card stock and informative book. I was pretty reserved on the extra cards, but they add archetypes that are so very important in shadow work. Thank you for this great addition to the tarot world.

  • judith evans

    Absolutely beautiful deck, probably the best presented Deck I have bought this year and the artwork is stunning, the images speak to me and love the bonus cards, its up there on the list of my favourite Tarot Decks Thanks.

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