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The response to The El Goliath Tarot Deck has been overwhelmingly positive, and we feel completely humbled and blessed by the reactions to it.  We are receiving more and more orders everyday, we thank everyone for the support. 

We do look forward to hearing what you think, so please tell us about your impressions of the new deck, and how you have reacted to the artwork and guidebook.  We'd love to hear from you!


  • Dylan

    The Guidebook is even better then the artwork if that’s even possible! I’m just blown away! Just taking my time learning all the interpretations through the book! This deck is simply exquisite! Its so refreshing to see a hand drawn deck to all drawn to this level! Not digital photo manipulation!! My favourites so far is the Strength card, The Hierophant and the Empress! Can’t wait to see if there will be a second edition?! Or an El Goliath Oracle?

  • Linda

    The art work is beyond stunning! This is so well done! You can definitely see the level of time and energy that has gone into making them! Beautiful artwork! The cards are BIG I have to say, but once I took the bonus cards out out they were much easier to shuffle and hold, the guide book is so well written it’s like we get to see privately what was in his head in the thoughts and the creative process in making of this this deck. And I enjoy his prospective and take on the cards very much! This is really progressive work! Dark and light all at the same time! Very primal and pulsating with energy and life! I can’t stop looking at them!!

  • Nancy Batcho

    Well, all I can say is that it has been a long time coming (approximately 15 years) but I finally found my soul deck! This deck is absolutely stunning. The artwork speaks to my soul on such a personal level that it leaves me craving for more. I find the guide book amazing in the fact that it not only speaks to the image on the card but it explains the artists personal and raw experiences that lead to those images. It feels like a conversation between the artists soul and mine. Thank you, Goliath, for this amazing gift. Xoxo

  • Sam

    This is UNBELIEVABLE!! I have been doing readings and teaching the Tarot my whole life! The beauty, detail and complexity of what he has done in each illustration and his explanations in the Guidebook are just totally unparalleled! I have never seen anything like this! I feel like this is like a rare “Blood Moon” of the Tarot. A deck like this only comes out every few decades! I’m so fascinated and intrigued.. “Who is Goliath”??

  • Mathew Salera

    Absolutely LOVE this Deck! The artwork, feel, emotion, power of this deck is amazing! The images are breathtaking! I could stare at the cards for hours! Beautifully crafted deck! Few tweaks here and there for 2nd edition. But over all i would definitely recommend this deck to EVERYONE! TREAT YO SELF! Buy this amazing deck! AMD check out my YouTube walkthrough of this deck:

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