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The response to The El Goliath Tarot Deck has been overwhelmingly positive, and we feel completely humbled and blessed by the reactions to it.  We are receiving more and more orders everyday, we thank everyone for the support. 

We do look forward to hearing what you think, so please tell us about your impressions of the new deck, and how you have reacted to the artwork and guidebook.  We'd love to hear from you!


  • C.W.

    This may be my most favorite deck ever! Thanks to Ethony for her amazing review that made me purchase this on Amazon. Any chance you can offer a pdf version of your beautiful and comprehensive guidebook as the font text is so tiny? Otherwise, love the artwork and everything magical about this deck!

  • Ioan Kan

    This is so beautiful it’s unbelievable! BELLISSIMO!!! So well done! The art work is so luxurious and exquisite! Thank you! So much from France!
    Superbe travail Goliath!

  • Michael Spencer

    When I first saw the El Goliath Tarot I was all but ready to dismiss it as just another nature deck or what the Wild Unknown Tarot would have looked like had it been created by someone who actually knew how to draw (really, really well.)
    But then I saw the Stregth card and in that beautful stark image of the lion roaring and the cobra posed to atta almost immediately my perception shifted. Thjs certainly was no Wild Uknown clone. Nor was this even a nature deck. This was something that was beautiful, unique, profound, highly magical and incredibly special. And I needed to own a copy of it.

    Okay I was pretty sure I needed it. The total cost to purchase and ship the deck from Australia (where it was only available at the time) to my residence in Salt Lake City, Utah was just under $100. It was nearly Christmas and it seemed somewhat inappropriate for me to spend that much money on myself at the moment for a deck of cards. But, I could not stop thinking about that deck.

    I first became aware of the El Goliath Tarot thanks to a woman in Australia who posted a link to the webpage that I encountered the Strength card in a Facebook group for tarot enthusiasts. She and I had began a correspondence and she promised to send me pictures of a few more of the cards to help me decide if I should purchase. She kindly sent me a picture of every card in the deck but there was one I only needed to see that sold me on the deck, which is the second card in thev deck: The Magician.

    The Magician is my  favorite tarot card. He represents everything I want to be and was the first tarot card I ever drew. I’m not The Magician. I’m usually The Knight of Cups (and the reversed Knight of Swords when at my worst). But I aspire to The Magician

    Pamela Colman Smith’s original mage is a masterpiece. The Magician is among the most important, well known and beloved Arcana in the Tarot. He’s not wise and  griseled but confident and vibrant  He’s less Gabdalf and more Tony Stark. He’s more Nicolai Tesla than Albert Einstein. In addition to the knowledge and power, he’s pretty cool and kinda sexy. Of the decks I’ve seen thus far only three other Magicians are worthy to be part of the posse of  Pam’s original. With the El Goliath’s magician easily among those ranks it’s now a party of 5.

    The Magician not symbolizes taking control of your life and manifesting for it what it is that you truly desire the also reminds us that there is Magic in this world if you open heart and mind to it. I stared at that image of the El Goliath’s Magician for at least 15 solid minutes and tears welled in my eyes as I gazed on the panther in the headdress. I can read with nearly any deck but precious few can I actually have a spiritual experience with. And with even fewer can I actually read myself. The Magician not only told me that I could do as such with this deck, but that this deck was essential for my higher self. This deck was integral.

    I’ve owned over 6O tarot decks and I’ve yet to come across a deck with art as consistently gorgeous as the art in this deck. Granted I have personal favorites but there isn’t a bad card in the lot. Standouts include the aformentioned STRENGTH and MAGICIAN but also include a rather sassy HIGH PRIESTESS, a sleek and simple DEATH, a stunning KING OF PENTACLES, an arresting QUEEN OF SWORDS anextremely unique 2 OF CUPS, lush 9 OF PENTACLES, a gorgeous 10 OF WANDS, an inspired JUSTICE and then there is THE DEVIL. And he, well he’s absolutely, pee your pants terrorfying.

    There are aksillllllll

    I don’t think I have ever been this bothered or disturbed by a drawn image in my life.  It will visit me in nightmares I’m sure. This Devil, a white goat with jet black eyes, and 2 rows of razor sharp teeth adorned by drooling blood and fixated into a satanic Cheshire smile, was forever burned into my mind the instant I saw it and though it may not sound as such,  I’m giving it my highest praise. This goat makes Black Phillip look like he is suitable for giving pony rides at a small child’s birthday party.

    The El Goliath tarot was created for shadow work. That is a newer area to me that I’m excited to explore and I can tell El Goliath will be the deck I use as it does a reallt good job of calling me out on my bullsh*t. But by no means is it a one trick pony. I’ve found it to be a tarot that can be used for nearly any situation. And it has mass appeal. The Tarot has been in the penalty box lately as the vast majority of decks feature images that portray nearly exclusively white, heterosexual, cisgender individuals in its arcana. Being that El Goliath is only animals you don’t have that problem and you immediately have a deck that can cater to nearly anyone.

    A smart choice was made in the illustration of the animals in ever so slightly anthropomorphizing them (and I do mean slight. We’re lightyears away from Disney here) which makes them more expressive and relatable.

    The lack of expression or forced association is one of the factors that usually turn me off to nature decks. But more repellent than that is that so many nature decks as of late feel compelled to rename the suits with “cute” and/or “clever” replacements so that “Wands” become “Feathers” and “Cups” become “Dewdrops” or some other “inspired” element. This is not only unnecessary but annoying as the suits have endured decades and changing them ads nothing to the reading or experience and makes the tarot feel less authentic and more of a gimmick.

    I bought this deck for myself as a Christmas present this past December and have read with it nearly every day. It has a strong, firm voice and it doesn’t pull punches but it is clear and respectful. It has also been uncannily accurate. I’ve done simple one card pulls and spreads of 20+ cards and it handles either aptly. I bought this deck for me but I have used it to read for a choice few others who have been equally impressed. On two occasions it immediately addressed the elephant in the room. This deck is magical  and most certainly powerful.

    This deck is also helps fill two gaping voids in the tarot world. The first would be decks of a masculine nature or energy. Women are usually more gifted in their intuition than men and the vast majority of readers are female so it is fitting most decks are demographically skewed. There is still, however, a need for decks that skew masculine. I read for several men and own (or am familiar) with most currently available decks that have masculine energy and can confidently say that you will not find a better masculine themed deck. In fact you’ll find few decks of any energy that are as well done, consistent, introspective and have as much depth as El Goliath. But please in no way assume this implies the deck is better suited for men. This deck would be fantastic for anyone to read with or be read by.

    The second void filled is shadow work decks that are not themed with horror, vampire, violent,  macabre, or dark occult imagery. I am no expert in Shadow Work but I do often see people asking for deck recommendations for Shadow Work in various online forums. Nearly every recommendation I’ve come across suggests Deviant Moon, one of the multitude of vampire decks or decks of an even darker nature. Okay yes one could perhaps use the aforementioned Wild Unknown but, and this may just be me personally, do you really want to face your personal demons using a deck that practically has a sentient Instagram story?

    No deck is perfect and my quibbles with El Goliath are minor and in no way should inhibit anyone from owning this masterpiece. In fact these aren’t complaints but just what I feel could help make future editions even better.

    The cards are a little big, about a quarter inch,  even for my long fingers. However the large size does suit the artwork and it would have been an injustice to have produced these at standard tarot size. The art on the back isn’t quite at the same caliber as the fronts, but it’s by no means bad. There is an original accompanying guidebook, well beyond a little white book that has some fantastic information and some very interesting and original interpretations of the Arcana. However the font is just a little small and I would love it if it was increased a few point sizes. In fact if the book were made available for kindle or ebook that would be even better as increasing the font size would only increase the number of pages and thus the cost. The El Goliath isn’t a cheap deck as is
    (But jt is a fantastic investment )

    These are certainly just personal preferences, but I think silver gilding would have been more complimentary to the art work, a matte finish would have been preferable and I like Strength at 8 and Justice at 11. However, as to what is indeed  the “correct” or preferred  order that  these two cards should be in is capable of igniting a civil war, it would be better yet to have the Major Arcana unnumbered.

    The El Goliath is easily one of the best tarot purchased ever made. Now that it is available on Amazon, I plan to buy a back up to keep nice as I’ve used the hell out of my copy already and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

    If you read tarot you need this deck. If you collect tarot you need this deck. Though I firmly believe any readers first deck should be RWS a beginner could use this deck and most certainly would enjoy this deck after learning the basics. This would make a great second or third deck for a newbie. But if these images call to you by all means make it your first (just makes sure you make the RWS Deck your second).

    Buy this deck. Use it. You will not regret it and you will love it.

  • Jon Herridge

    This Deck is really something else! When I hold it and shuffle its really like a living breathing, pulsing force of nature in its self! I like the monochrome feel of this deck to. Because there is no color you really have to focus on the shape, form and drama of the artwork. Plus it really lends its self so well to its concept – The Shadow. This is a complex deck that really is abstract in nature and forces the reader to go further within rather then just reply on what they know! And I like that! I wouldn’t recommend this deck for a beginner or a lazy card reader at all. You have to put in work here to get more out of it! I can see how this deck would be for someone who really wants to take their tarot ability to the next level and isn’t afraid to dive! These are big beautiful cards also guys so you can really see the level and ability of the work that has gone into making them! The guide-book is probably one of the best guidebooks I have ever seen hands down! It’s really a reflective stand alone book in its self – The artist really explains the meaning of each card in depth and the choice of key words used here is just Spot On! Plus the reverse card meanings too! Almost a perfect Deck! And one that will be on my shelf in heavy rotation for a long while to come! Defiantly a-lot to get through here so I am taking my time with it, just like the creator has said to do in the book. Money well spent fo me!! So worth it! A great Deck start for my 2019!

  • Jill Beninato

    I wanted to say thank you for creating such a beautifully powerful deck. The packaging, artwork and guidebook are all so well done…your attention to detail is appreciated. I really connected to the artwork right off the bat but after working with the deck for a couple of weeks I have come to find a deep connection with it on a personal level. I encourage anyone who feels drawn to the El Goliath to buy it, it has become my favorite deck.

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